21 September 2015

New campaign launched for Clean Air in Brixton

A new campaign backed by local Vassall Labour councillors has been launched to clean up pollution in the Brixton area.

Lambeth for Cool Air is a network of Lambeth families and community members campaigning for action on climate change. They have put together a petition calling for the Mayor and Tfl to redouble their efforts to reduce pollution in the Brixton area and organised a march for Clean Air, attended by local councillors, on Sunday (13 September) which drew at least 40 people.

Over the summer, Vassall councillors successsfully campaigned for new cleaner engines to be installed on London buses after dreadful levels of pollution were recorded on Brixton Road:. This key highway through Vassall recorded a full year's worth of recommended pollutants after just four days in 2015.

Local councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - said:

"Poor air quality causes the premature death of thousands of Londoners every year and the pollution on Brixton Road is particularly shocking. We have managed to get the Mayor to act on polluting buses, but more needs to be done. We fully support this campaign and would ask all residents to sign the petition."