03 November 2015

New survey launched on the future of the Loughborough road closure scheme

Lambeth council has launched a new survey asking for resident's views about the current trial of road closures around Loughborough Junction as part of an early review of the project called for by local councillors.

As Vassall View has reported over the summer, the trial road closure programme is designed to expand public spaces, introduce safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, put in place environmental improvements and encourage a greater mix of retail outlets.  The project has lead to closures on the following roads:

· Loughborough Road, north of the junction with Ridgeway Road
· Barrington Road
· Calais Street
· Padfield Road
· Lilford Road
· Garden Grove

Following a large amount of feedback from local residents about the impact of the closures on local traffic and congestion, councillors asked for the review of the scheme to be brought forward in order to assess whether it should continue. As well as a survey, around 11,000 flyers will be be sent to the area and the council will also be asking for assessments from local emergency services.

Residents can fill in the survey here - it closes on the 6 November.

Talking about the survey local councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - said:

"We have had an enormous amount of feedback about these proposals and we would strongly urge all residents, whatever their views, to fill in the survey. It is important we get local feedback on whether this scheme should continue."