06 December 2015

Fly tipping crackdown in Vassall

Vassall councillors have welcomed a new crackdown on fly tipping by Lambeth's Labour council after more than a dozen substantial fines were issued for dumped rubbish in the past few months.

Lambeth have confirmed that after listening to the concerns of local councilors and residents, a new team began work in September specifically to investigate residential fly tips in the borough and fine those responsible. So far they have issued 12 fines in the area around Brixton Road in Vassall alone since the start of September. Penalty notices have been issued on many roads, including Mowll Street, Stockwell Park Road, Mostyn Road, Lorn Road, Brixton Road and Robsart Street.

These fines will raise revenue to tackle the problem as well as deterring those who think this is acceptable.

Vassall councilors Jacqui Dyer, Annie Gallop and Paul Gadsby said:

"The majority of people in Lambeth do the right thing and they’re sick of seeing beds, building materials, radiators or black sacks full of rubbish strewn across streets. A bulky waste collection service is available from the council

"We would also urge local residents to report any instances of fly tipping they spot. In Vassall, there have been a number of occasions where councillors or residents have reported fly tips which have then been successfully investigated, leading to improvements in the area. We recently took the cabinet member for environment around Vassall to some of the worst areas that are now being investigated.

"But the council needs evidence - so we would encourage anyone with concerns and evidence about a fly tipping spot to use the council’s online reporting form here