07 December 2015

New consultation on the future of Vauxhall Gyratory opens

Transport for London (Tfl) have launched a new consultation on proposals to make improvements to the Vauxhall Gyratory area.

Tfl have said that the changes, which can be viewed here, will:
"Aim to return the one-way road system at Vauxhall to two-way roads and significantly improve pedestrian and cyclist provision to help create a safer and less intimidating environment for vulnerable road users. The proposed changes would also help to improve connectivity throughout the area, and create a better environment for people living, working, and travelling through Vauxhall."
Talking about changes, Oval Cllr Jack Hopkins, said:
"For the last half a decade, Vauxhall Labour has been campaigning for a better Vauxhall: a place where it is nice to live, where people will come work and boost our local economy, and where people will choose to eat out with their families or meet with their friends. For too long Vauxhall has been missing out as people travel to Vauxhall only to catch another bus, tube or train to another area. In the meantime, families living in Vauxhall have had to look out onto an ugly, noisy one-way gyratory – an antiquated system where cyclists continue to die and where pedestrians are forced to make several crossings across dangerous lanes of traffic in order to reach the public transport stations. Vauxhall can be better. Vauxhall will be better."
Besides an online consultation here, there are two opportunities in the coming weeks to view the proposals for the changes close to the Vassall area: