18 January 2016

Vassall and Coldhabour Forum: Building a better community

Bringing Vassall and Coldharbour wards together
This Wednesday, the Vassall and Coldharbour Forum will be having their first meeting of the new year at 6.30pm at the Loughborough Centre, 105 Angell Road (on the corner of Barrington Road

The new forum spanning the two Lambeth council wards, aims to bring people together to radically improve the neighbourhood as a place to live, play and work. As their central aims states: they want to make everyone more prosperous in Vassall and Coldharbour. 

As well as creating new jobs, they are championing  a richer definition of wealth – it is whatever makes life worth living. This means:
  • Our neighbourhood is a safe and attractive place where people can meet, play and work
  • Everyone can afford to eat well all the time
  • Everyone can afford to heat their homes
  • People can find their own solutions and work together to bring them about
The meeting is open to all residents and groups - get in touch with the group here for more information.