27 March 2016

Vassall councillor surgeries in April

Vassall councillors Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop will be holding their regular surgeries in April. They will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday, ​5 April 2015
Myatts Field Park Depot
Cormont Road
1pm - 2pm

Thursday, 24 April 2015
Myatt's Field North Community Centre
Crawshay Road (off Cowley Road)

Saturday, 26 April 2015
Myatt's Field South Community Hall
Burton Lane

If these dates are inconvenient for you or you have a problem or issue that requires immediate attention please contact the Vassall Labour Councillors directly:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer - 07920 548463 -jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Gadsby - 07814 567 690 - pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Annie Gallop - 07920 560175 - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk

Van Gogh walk celebration for the great man's 163rd birthday

Van Gogh Walk will be holding a special celebration to mark the artist's 163rd birthday and the anniversary of the launch of the project on Wednesday (30 March), 1pm-4pm.

The event, open to all residents, will include:

  • Community gardening, with the sowing of lots and lots of seeds for another spectacular summer display.
  • Local community enterprise Streetscape on hand offering more information about their apprenticeships and opportunities in landscape gardening.
  • The local safer neighbourhood police team will be around to talk about local issues and offering a bike security marking service.  
  • Friends of the Earth will hopefully also be in attendance (tbc) to explain why planting flowers and fruits creates an important habitat as well as a pleasant environment for us

"I am very busy gardening now, I have sown scented peas, poppies and daisies; I have nothing more to do than to wait to see what they will give."

Vincent van Gogh, London, April 1874

25 March 2016

New 20mph speed limit coming into force in Lambeth in April

April will see a new 20mph limit come into force in Lambeth in a new move to make the borough's roads safer.

All Lambeth’s roads will be covered by the scheme, with speed limits marked with signs and road markings. Lambeth council are in charge of the majority of roads in the borough, apart from the major routes into and around London (such as Brixton Road), which are controlled by Transport for London.

Speaking about the changes, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, cabinet member with responsibility for transport, said:

"This move will slow traffic and make residential roads calmer and safer places. A study by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents suggests that fatalities are five times less likely in the case of collisions with cyclists at 20mph compared to those at 30mph."
 Local Vassall councillors, Jacqui Dyer, Annie Gallop and Paul Gadsby, said:
"This is a move we fully support and was one of the key parts of our last manifesto. A 20mph limit will make roads in Vassall safer for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as drivers."
 You can read more about the changes here.

15 March 2016

New street naming consultation near Van Gogh Walk

Lambeth council has opened a new consultation asking for resident's thoughts on the naming of the accessway at the southern end of Hackford Road (informally known as Hackford Walk, close to the award winning Van Gogh Walk space).

Local developers have suggested either Sunflower Close or Helianthus Close because:
The painter Vincent Van Gogh lodged at the home of Ursula Loyer and her daughter Eugenie at 87 Hackford Road, in 1873, while working at the art dealership Goupil & Co.

Sunflowers are closely associated with Van Gogh and are the subject of two of Van Gogh most famous series of still life paintings. The Latin name for the common Sunflower is ‘Helianthus annuus’.
Local resident Elaine Kramer, heavily involved in the creation of Van Gogh Walk space, suggested an alternative, Elephant Walk. She said:

As a local resident and I would like to propose an alternative to the name Sunflower Close which reflects another fascinating aspect of our local history.

Next to the current Hackford Walk stands the TypeArchive  which is housed in buildings originally leased by the Church Commissioners to veterinary surgeons Prince & King in 1895.

In 1912 the buildings were described in the local press as a ‘Hotel for 4 legged Animals,’ specialising in the regular care of sick horses and dogs, and providing seasonal accommodation for small circus animals, including baby elephants and a baby zebra. in 1912 they were home to two baby elephants, brought from India by the Daily Mirror as mascots for a charity.

In 1992 the site became the home for the National Typefounding Collection. The world famous Type Archive is Lambeth's first Community Listed Building and uses an elephant as its logo. Elephant Walk or Sunflower Close?

If you have thoughts on these suggestions, or have your own, please contact Lambeth here with your thoughts.The consultation closes on the 9 April.

14 March 2016

Lambeth launches new "tough choices" website

Lambeth has launched a new tough choices campaign highlighting how it is seeking to protect the most vulnerable residents in the community despite another round of cuts to its budget.

As Vassall View reported last month, Lambeth has just passed its 2016/17 budget following the latest government spending review which saw the borough's resources reduced once again. Lambeth has now lost 56% of its funding from government since 2010 - that is around £200 million by 2018.

The video and webpage look to explain what this situation means for Lambeth:
This is the biggest financial challenge Lambeth has ever faced, and it comes at a time of unprecedented demand for our services.

Most of our money goes on our most vulnerable residents through things like Adult Social Care and Children’s Services. They remain our priority.

That means other services are feeling the strain and we need to make more tough choices about what we can afford.

It is a challenge for all of us; that includes the Council and everyone who lives, works or goes to school in this borough.

But if we all do our bit, we can keep Lambeth great.

08 March 2016

Local crime prevention day on Holland Town estate

Vassall's local Safer Neighbourhoods team will be holding a crime prevention day on the Holland Town estate on Saturday 12 March (3pm-6pm) offering a range of services and advice to residents.

It will include:
  • Free Bike Marking
  • Free Property Marking 
  • Free Crime Prevention Advice/Leaflets
Officers will be on Mandela Street during the advice session - all residents welcome to pop round to speak to officers.

04 March 2016

Lambeth launches new consultation on future of Calais Street closures

Lambeth is asking residents to feedback on the current temporary road closure on Calais Street in Vassall.

The current closure in place occurred after changes to an original plan for wider closures in the Loughborough Junction area following feedback from local residents. The new consultation asks for residents to put across their views about how this programme is operating and whether they should continue after the trial period.

You can look at the survey and fill it in here.