25 March 2016

New 20mph speed limit coming into force in Lambeth in April

April will see a new 20mph limit come into force in Lambeth in a new move to make the borough's roads safer.

All Lambeth’s roads will be covered by the scheme, with speed limits marked with signs and road markings. Lambeth council are in charge of the majority of roads in the borough, apart from the major routes into and around London (such as Brixton Road), which are controlled by Transport for London.

Speaking about the changes, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, cabinet member with responsibility for transport, said:

"This move will slow traffic and make residential roads calmer and safer places. A study by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents suggests that fatalities are five times less likely in the case of collisions with cyclists at 20mph compared to those at 30mph."
 Local Vassall councillors, Jacqui Dyer, Annie Gallop and Paul Gadsby, said:
"This is a move we fully support and was one of the key parts of our last manifesto. A 20mph limit will make roads in Vassall safer for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as drivers."
 You can read more about the changes here.