27 June 2016

Lambeth looks for new ideas for community projects in Vassall

Lambeth council has launched a new consultation asking for residents ideas on how to spend new funding on local projects within Vassall.

Fresh resources have become available as part of the Cooperative Local Investment Plan (CLIP) which collects a levy from private developers in the borough involved in building new housing or other developments. The funding has to be spent on infrastructure projects that contribute to improving the local area, such as, for example, new playgrounds, green spaces and other public realm improvements (under government rules, they cannot be spent on maintaining services or paying for staff).

The first wave of funding for projects is likely to become available in the next 12 months, and Lambeth is now asking for resident’s ideas on the priorities for the funding and suggestions on specific projects in their neighbourhood. Residents can view the consultation here – the closing date is the 8 July for the first round of this consultation.

Vassall councillors – Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop – said:

Our community has been hit by years of savage government cuts that have reduced our budget by 56%, so this new source of funding is welcome. It will allow for investment in physical improvements to our area in the next few years that can make a real difference to our community, by potentially providing new youth play areas and improved green spaces.

“We would really encourage all residents to have a look at the information about this consultation and get their ideas in before the closing date. This is a real chance to help shape how this funding is going to be spent and we are pleased that Lambeth Labour is putting residents in the driving seat for this consultation."