03 June 2016

Road closures reversed ... but new meeting called to address traffic issues around Myatts Field Park

Lambeth has announced this week that the experimental road closure of Calais Street is to end from today (3 June), but the area is to be affected by a new series of parking restrictions from this weekend. Local councillors have worked with residents to call a meeting at Longfield Hall on Monday from 8.10pm (Burton Road entrance) with council officers to discuss the new restrictions.

The temporary closure of Calais Street occurred following a review of the much wider Loughborough Junction road closures which Lambeth announced changes to late last year. Following a consultation, Lambeth have confirmed that they will not be continuing with this closure and the road will reopen.

However, while these closures come to an end, a new series of restrictions, including double yellow lines being implemented on Calais Street have been implemented as part of arrangements during changes to the St Gabriel's school site in the area. This has lead to further resident concern about parking stresses in the area: as a result councillors have worked with residents to organise Monday's public meeting to discuss their impact on the area. All residents are welcome to attend or send their views to local councillors at the below:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer

Councillor Paul Gadsby

Councillor Annie Gallop