16 August 2016

Air quality consultation launched by Lambeth

Lambeth has launched a new consultation asking for resident's views on its plans to improve the borough's air quality between 2017 and 2022.

In the consultation, the council puts forward  plans to lower levels of pollution through a variety of measures aimed at cutting emissions from traffic, encouraging more cycling and working with local businesses to make their operations more environmentally friendly.

Recent studies have shown that a quarter of all of London’s schools are in areas that regularly exceed recommended pollution levels and more than 9,000 Londoners die each year from conditions linked to poor air quality. Last year, Vassall councillors led a successful campaign to get cleaner engines fitted on buses using Brixton Road which has resulted in an improvement in local air quality, but the road remains one of the most polluted in London.

Talking about the consultation, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, the Lambeth cabinet member with responsibility for the environment, said:

“Lambeth has some of the highest levels of air pollution in the UK. Our citizens’ health is at risk and it is for this reason we are determined to forge ahead with our bold and ambitious plans to improve the air quality in our borough. Poor air quality affects us all, but disproportionately it is the very old and young and individuals with existing heart and respiratory conditions that suffer the most. It is an invisible killer.”

Local councillors – Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop – said:
“We cannot go on ignoring the awful impact of pollution to our community’s health, especially in areas like Vassall which suffers from especially poor levels or air quality because of the traffic on Brixton Road.

Our successful petition – signed by hundreds of residents last year – to get the former Mayor to introduce cleaner engines on the A23 route was a good step forward and Lambeth Labour have been taking forward a number of positive green policies. This includes supporting the introduction of more cycle quietways and superhighways, introducing a 20 mph speed limit on the borough’s roads, planting more than 300 new trees in Lambeth, taking action against vehicle idling and working in partnership with other councils to reduce emissions from construction sites and delivery vehicles. We were particularly pleased with Cllr Brathwaite’s recent submission to the new Mayor about his strategy on air quality.

“But more needs to be done and we would urge residents not just to respond to this consultation, but also send your views to local councillors as we will be putting in our own submission on Lambeth’s suggested plan.”
You can learn more about the consultation here – and two drop in sessions will be hosted in the borough at the below locations:

  • Thursday 15 September 2016 between 6pm and 8pm at Roots & Shoots Hall, Walnut Tree Walk, Kennington, SE11 6DN
  • Wednesday 28 September 2016 between 6pm and 8pm at Streatham Tate Library, 63 Streatham High Road, Streatham, SW16 1PN