22 September 2016

Consultation opens on new controlled parking zone in Vassall

A consultation has opened today on whether residents want to see new parking controls in streets in Vassall where no restrictions currently exist.

The consultation has been set up following the conclusion of Lambeth’s parking stress review survey, which was launched after lobbying from local councillors and residents. This concluded that a large area of Vassall was suffering from high levels of parking stress leaving many residents unable to find spaces for their vehicles during the weekdays as they were often taken up by commuters or non-Lambeth residents. This had led to reports of road rage, traffic congestion and problems for cyclists using the streets in the community affected.  Key causes for increased stress since include the fact all surrounding neighbourhoods have adopted forms of controlled parking since residents in the area were last balloted in 2009.

A key concession won by local councillors is that the results of the consultation will be analysed to look at patterns in certain streets, so that streets could end up with different parking arrangements which better reflect their local circumstances (including opting for no parking controls to be implemented).

Further details of the consultation include:
  • The area being consulted on will be around Myatts Field Park up to Vassall Road on the Camberwell side of Brixton Road (the Stockwell side of Brixton Road already has parking controls).
  • A range of options will be put to residents, including no parking restrictions and offering different possible options for timings on which potential restrictions could apply. 
  • A drop in session will be hosted at the Minet building on Saturday 8 October, 10am-4pm for residents to look at the proposals and speak to council officers. 
  • Residents will be sent an information pack with details of the consultation, the possible options, costs of any permits that might be applied and details of how to respond (each property will be issued with a unique number which they will need to complete the consultation).

You can find out more about the consultation here.

Vassall councillors – Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop – said:

“It is very much up to residents to decide the parking arrangements they have on their streets, but we did feel now was time for the issue to be reopened. Circumstances in the area has changed substantially since the last ballot in 2009, with surrounding neighbourhoods opting for controls and an overall increase in the population. Car use remains low in Vassall comparative to the rest of Lambeth, but there have been numerous reports of problems for residents arising from a lack of parking spaces.

“There are of course areas that might want to keep their current arrangements, and that is why we have lobbied for the consultation to look at the responses from specific streets and areas, so that we do get a flexible outcome that reflects what people want locally.

“We would urge everyone to take a look at the consultation and respond to the survey if they live in the area.”