16 September 2016

Parliamentary boundary review makes "no sense" say Vassall councillors

Vassall councillors have criticised the recently announced boundary review for parliamentary constituencies which will see Vassall transferred into a new seat with wards from a different borough and has been put together based on an inaccurate electoral register.

The proposals announced this week from the government will result in the current Vauxhall constituency being broken up, with Vassall and Princes wards going into a new Camberwell seat with wards from Southwark. In addition, concerns have been raised that the new boundaries are based on inaccurate figures, with as many as two million voters missing from the figures used for the boundary review after the government refused to use an updated register. This means inner-city areas are underrepresented by the reallocation of seats by the boundary review: in Lambeth, the figures used for the new seats are missing over 22,000 voters who registered in time for the EU referendum in June.

Vassall councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - said:

"These changes don't make any sense and are based on dubious figures. It makes far more sense for, where possible, an MP to represent an area covered by the same council and with a geography that holds a community together. Pushing Vassall into a seat made up mainly of areas under Southwark council is an odd decision with no historical precedent. More importantly though, this decision is being taken on an inaccurate register which could leave as many as two million voters across the country, and 22,000 in Lambeth, not properly represented.

"We are keen to hear if residents in Vassall agree with our view before putting in a submission to the boundary review. We would welcome residents emailing their views to us about the new boundaries and putting in their own submissions here."