13 October 2016

New council homes near completition in Vassall

Some of the first new council homes built in a generation in Lambeth are nearing completion in Vassall.

The nine new homes are located on Akerman Road on the site of a former hostel. The homes will be ready for new residents in the next few months and are part of Lambeth’s plan to build 1,000 homes for council level rent by 2018/19. More affordable housing and shared ownership properties are also being built across Lambeth.

In an answer to a question from Vassall councillors at next week’s Lambeth council meeting, Cllr Matthew Bennett said:

The nine new homes that the council is building at Akerman Road will be among the first to be completed as part of our ambitious programme to deliver 1,000 new homes at council rent. The Akerman Road development will not only provide much needed family sized homes at council rent, but also includes a green retro fit scheme to protect a listed Victorian building -the former home of Lambeth resident and music hall performer Dan Leo.

On another small development, Lambeth residents are already living in the eight new council homes that were completed in the last few months at St Oswald’s Place, as part of a successful partnership with Vauxhall City Farm and St James.

In addition to these small site developments, 189 homes will be built on council owned land as part of section 106 agreements with partners including Transport for London and St James. Construction has already started on the first 70 new homes at Lollard Street whilst planning permission has been secured for 55 new homes on the Fenwick estate.

A planning application for a further 64 homes at council rent levels will be made next year for the Westbury Estate. As well as spending £70m during 2017/18 on refurbishing estates as part of the Lambeth Housing Standard (LHS) programme, the council is working with residents on plans to rebuild some of our estates in order to improve the homes of current residents whilst building new homes. Detailed planning applications will be submitted for some of these new homes in 2017, with the intention to significantly increase the number of homes to be let at council rent levels

Talking about the new council homes, Vassall councillors Annie Gallop, Paul Gadsby and Jacqui Dyer said:

“The Tory government has done nothing to tackle the housing crisis in our borough which has left 21,000 people on the housing waiting list and many facing an impossible task of getting on the housing ladder. Lambeth Labour is doing its best, despite steep cuts, to address this problem and we are extremely pleased the first new council homes in Lambeth are being built here in Vassall.”