19 December 2016

Lambeth Equality Commission to hold events in January

Lambeth's new Equality Commission will be hosting two events in the new year designed to get resident's feedback on how the borough should tackle inequality in all its forms in the borough.

The council launched a ground breaking commission in the summer, drawing together a panel of distinguished local residents and policy experts to carry out an in-depth investigation into the causes and impact of poverty and inequality. The Equality Commission is focusing in particular on Lambeth’s Portuguese, Black African and Black Caribbean, and Somalian communities, as well as those adults living with disabilities.

Talking about the commission, Cllr Lib Peck, the leader of Lambeth council, said:

Lambeth has surged ahead in so many ways in recent years: our population is growing, employment is rising and our schoolchildren continue to achieve record-breaking exam results. The enormous investment pouring into the borough is changing lives for the better.

But despite this growth, we are acutely aware that Lambeth is the 8th most deprived borough in London and the 22nd most deprived in England. And, for some of our people, the problems are even more severe. Some of our communities still suffer even greater levels of poverty and inequality; they still face barriers that prevent them from fulfilling their potential.

Lambeth is open for business and bold in our ambitions but, at the heart of it all, there must be fairness. We must be honest about the inequality we still have in our borough, and ensure that the proceeds of Lambeth’s growth are spread fairly amongst our communities.

Lambeth Council has established an Equality Commission, which will identify these barriers and tackle them head-on. It will concentrate above all on the challenges facing adults with disabilities, our Black Caribbean communities, our Portuguese communities and our Somalian communities.

A key part of the Commission will be public involvement and taking evidence from a range of community organisations. There have already been a series of well-attended meetings on various topics and below are details of the remaining open meetings which all Lambeth residents are invited to.

5th January from 6 till 8pm
Streatham Library
Participation, representation and leadership discussion - This is an event to discuss and gather evidence about persistent inequalities in regards to participation and leadership in the borough.
28th January from 1 till 3pm 

Waterloo Action Centre (WAC)
Crime and justice discussion - This is an event to discuss and gather evidence about persistent inequalities in relation to crime and justice in the borough.

You can find out more information on the Commission here.