23 January 2017

New green bins to be rolled out in Vassall in mid-February

Lambeth council have confirmed that the roll out of new green recycle bins will happen in the north of the borough - which includes the Vassall area - from the 16 February.

As reported on Vassall View before Christmas, the new bins for street properties will replace the clear plastic bags which residents are usually asked to place their dry recyclable material in.

The change is designed to:
  • Save the borough money:  Over 10 million recycling sacks are issued every year which costs Lambeth £450,000. At a time when the council's budget has been cut by 56% by the government since 2010, the introduction of the bins will help save valuable funding. The bins are expected to last for ten years or more so in the long term will reduce costs further.
  • Environmental boost: The bins hold five times as much as a clear recycling sack and they will keep recycling dry meaning that more items can be recycled successfully.
  • Keeping streets cleaner: The wheelie bins will make it hard for foxes to get access to the recycling, which with the current sacks can occur. This should reduce recycling being spread over the streets making our neighbourhood cleaner. 
If you want to find out more information about the bin rollout and read about the successful trial carried out in Herne Hill last year, all the information is on the Lambeth website here