02 June 2017

Lambeth asks for views on proposed Patmos Road housing project

Lambeth council has opened a new consultation on plans to deliver more housing, including council homes, and green spaces on a currently derelict patch of land in Vassall.

The proposed development will be on the site of a former care home that was demolished in 2013. The council has been in negotiations with the owners of part of the site, and with these concluded the authority is proposing a redevelopment scheme to be run by Homes for Lambeth, an organisation owned wholly by the council, to build a new housing complex.

The current ideas for the site include:
  • To build potentially (after consultation with local residents) around 40 to 50 homes.
  • This will be a mixed community, with a target of 40% aimed at being council homes on social level (i.e. council) rents. This is part of Lambeth Labour's pledge to build 1,000 council homes by 2019 to help address London's housing crisis - the first new homes recently had families move into them on Akerman Road in Vassall (read more about this housing project here). 
  • Presevation of the green feel of the area, with many of the properties built with gardens for larger families, and communal green areas.
  • The height of the proposed development will be restricted to between two and six storeys

The full proposals for the development and how to respond can be read here . A series of consultation events will be held in the coming weeks and the council is asking for resident's comments by 25th June, although there will be a second round of consultation later in the year. Currently, construction on the site is planned, should the proposals be approved, for the end of 2018.

Local councillors - Paul Gadsby, Jacqui Dyer and Annie Gallop - are encouraging residents to respond to the consultation and share their views with them. They said in a joint statement:

"It is important that we address the huge housing crisis facing London - a crisis that the current government has all but ignored. Building a 1,000 new council homes, along with other kinds of accommodation like the developments on Wynne Road, are vital to this. However, it is important that we get these housing projects right, making sure that they take on board views from the community about the impact on local roads, schools and the area more generally. We would strongly urge residents to put in their views and let us know as councillors how they feel about these proposals."