18 August 2017

Carers Hub Lambeth: Carers Day on 14 September


09 August 2017

Santander cycles set to be rolled out in Brixton

The Mayor of London has announced that the Santander cycle scheme will be extended into the Vassall area with seven docking stations slated to be installed between Stockwell and Brixton. 

The decision came after a long running campaign by Lambeth council, Lambeth Labour councillors and residents to bring the successful programme further into south London. After years of inaction by the last Conservative Mayor, Sadiq Khan has authorised the move with the bike docking stations likely to be installed in the next six months.

Local Vassall councillors - Paul Gadsby, Annie Gallop and Jacqui Dyer - welcomed the move and confirmed they will be pressing for the stations to be installed in Vassall. They said:

"We are delighted that Mayor Khan has listened to residents and agreed to extend this scheme into our neighbourhood. It will help significantly improve cycling infrastructure in Brixton and give local people the option of swapping their cars for bikes which will lessen pressure on public transport and reduce the air pollution problems that affect our area. We are also pleased that Vassall is being considered as a location for some of the docking stations as we did campaign for this in our submission to Lambeth's recent Clean Air consultation."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, said:

“I’m thrilled that we are expanding our iconic cycle hire scheme to Brixton. We’re working hard to make cycling more accessible across London and this will make a real difference to those living in, working in or visiting Brixton. It’s another step forward in our work to improve air quality and the health of all Londoners. The bikes will be available for as little as £2 per day and details of the locations of the new docking points will be confirmed later this year.

08 August 2017

Campaign launched to halt closure of local police stations

Vassall's councillors have backed a new campaign against government plans to cut another £400 million from London police funding which could cause the closure of all but one police station in Lambeth.

According to the Lambeth Labour campaign, backed by local MPs and community activists:

  • Eight police stations across the borough could face closure as part of the government's plan to remove another £400 million from the police budget in London. 
  • The capital's police force has already had to save £600 million since 2010 when the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition began reducing spending on community safety.
  • Only one station will be left open to the public in Brixton with Vassall's nearby Kennington police station one of those slated for closure.
  • More than a thousand police officers have been taken off the streets in the past few years and London's Mayor Sadiq Khan has warned 12,800 more could be lost before the end of the decade. 
A petition against the proposed closures can be signed here.

Local Vassall councillors - Jacqui Dyer, Paul Gadsby and Annie Gallop - said:

"It is very clear that the government is trying to provide community safety and policing on the cheap. These moves will remove a vital face to face link between the community and their local police force at a time when this is needed more than ever. The entire borough is likely to be left with just one functioning police station in Brixton which is likely to become badly overstretched. We urge all residents to sign our petition: it is vital we get these damaging cuts stopped."

01 August 2017

Councillor surgeries in August

The regular Vassall councillor surgeries will be taking place in August and will be held on the following dates (one surgery has already taken place last week):

Tuesday, 1 August
Cowley estate Annex

Thursday, 24 August
Myatt's Field North Community Centre
Crawshay Road (off Cowley Road)

Saturday, 26 August
Myatt's Field South Community Hall
Burton Lane

If these dates are inconvenient for you or you have a problem or issue that requires immediate attention please contact the Vassall Labour Councillors directly:

Councillor Jacqui Dyer - 07500 971619 -jdyer3@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Paul Gadsby - 07814 567 690 - pgadsby@lambeth.gov.uk

Councillor Annie Gallop - 07920 560175 - agallop@lambeth.gov.uk