19 October 2017

Heavy fines issued as part of fly tipping crackdown

Five fly tippers have been handed heavy fines after being caught by a new mobile camera that was deployed in the Vassall area following lobbying from local councillors.

The camera on Robsart Street, which borders Slade Gardens, spotted offenders dumping rubbish illegally during the course of the month when it was stationed on the street.  The deployment of the camera is part of a new crackdown from Lambeth on fly tipping under its Better Streets campaign which has seen 3,100 fines handed out across the borough of between £80 and £400 for anti-social behaviour crimes, including fly tipping, spitting and littering.  Last year, Lambeth crushed a van being used for repeated fly tipping in Brixton.

The new mobile camera is being deployed across the borough and councillors have made further requests for the camera to be sent to other streets in Vassall. Residents can also report fly tipping here.

Vassall councillors - Paul Gadsby, Annie Gallop and Jacqui Dyer - said:

"Fly tipping is a disgusting blight on our streets and there is no excuse for people dumping rubbish around our community. We have lobbied for many years for a tougher approach to fly tipping from the council and we are pleased that more measures are being introduced, especially the mobile camera which has already produced results."