18 April 2018

Labour selects its candidates for the 2018 local elections

Labour's three Labour councillors have decided to restand for the council elections on the 3 May.

Cllrs Jacqui Dyer and Annie Gallop were elected in May 2014, with Cllr Paul Gadsby elected in a by-election in November 2013 and then re-elected the following May. All three were automatically reselected by local Labour members to contest the three councillor positions in Vassall on the 3 May.

Speaking about the election, Jacqui, Annie and Paul said:

"We have been very proud to represent Vassall in the past four years: it is a wonderful place with a thriving, diverse community.

"As a councillor team we've successfully lobbied for new council homes to be built in Lambeth, with the first in a generation completed last year in Vassall on Akerman Road.

"We have also ensured that millions of pounds in funding from the lottery's LEAP project has been spent improving early age services in Vassall, such as at the Mulberry Centre in Myatts Field Park, and that Santander bike docking stations have been extended into our area.

"And we have made sure that the Mayor of London installed cleaner engines on local buses running down Brixton Road which has already led to a cut in dangerous levels of pollution.

"This is what a hard working team of three Labour councillors can achieve by working with and for the community.

"There is still a lot more to be done. We will continue to fight Conservative cuts to our police, schools and council budget, many of which were started with the blessing of Liberal Democrats, including those in Lambeth. And we will oppose a Hard Conservative Brexit which will damage our jobs, economy and leave many EU citizens living in Vassall with their basic rights under threat.

"You can read Lambeth Labour's manifesto here - we support its aim to build a better, fairer Lambeth for all residents. We hope that residents will use all three of their votes for Labour on the 3 May."